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The reference in life sciences consultancy 

We are QbD, consultants in life sciences. Or more precisely… we are all-rounders, trailblazers, improvisers, gluttons for knowledge and roisterers. We are the consultancy reference in the field of life sciences because with our knowledge and expertise we only settle for the best. Literally. Whether it’s products, processes, equipment or software, or clients in the pharma, biotech, healthcare, cosmetics and medical device industries. We love it all and we’re great at all of it. Are you in? 

Which QbD expertise appeals to you? 

We are all-rounders. Well, as a team at least. Because each of us has his or her own specialty, pet subject and preference. Haven’t found yours yet? Then let’s find out together.


Curious to find out who we are and what we stand for? Then our corporate video is the best place to start. We certainly had loads of fun shooting it.