A day in the life of … Imrane, Process Engineer

Wondering how a typical working day at Quality by Design looks like? In part 2 of our  ‘A day in the QbD life of’ blog series, Imrane, Process Engineer, tells us all about his day. Enjoy the read, and of course: if this looks like your cup of tea, don’t hesitate to send us your cv.

Who is: Imrane Boujtoh, the Process Engineer?

Hello, my name is Imrane Boujtoh. I’m 28 years old and a proud member of the QbD family since March 2018. I’m currently working as a process engineer in the Filling Freeze Dry department at a pharmaceutical company in Puurs. My main tasks include the optimization and support of the production process of freeze dried products.

6h30: Let’s get started. Fortunately I live in beautiful Rumst, which is only 15 minutes away from Puurs. Accompanied by the MNM dj – a popular Flemish radio station – I head off to work.

heading off to work QbD

7h15: I start my days at the office by checking the status of the production department. As process engineers we are expected to keep a continuous helicopter view of the overall production process and to provide assistance where needed.

status production at Filling Freeze Dry Pfizer

9h30: Time for some work ‘on the floor’. Every day we try to improve our development methods and make sure that our process is in line with the ever evolving market. Unfortunately photographs are not allowed within the production department.

12h00: Jogging with my great team mates. Even though the company I work for is a huge plant, there is a lot of great nature nearby to explore.

Nature nearby Pfizer to explore

14h00: Of course there is also joy to be found in working with people from other departments to find quality solutions. Meeting up with fellow QbD’er Bieke here!

working with other QbD departments

16h00: Brainstorm session with the production supervisors to implement a new global program to improve our workflow.

new global plan for workflow

18h00: The next QbD thinktank is here. After “the Big Boss talk” several motivated speakers talked about their insights in serialization and Belgian and EU regulations. A great opportunity to learn more about interesting topics but also to enjoy a few (or many ) drinks with the QbD family!

QbD think tank speakers