A day in the QbD life of… Jolan, CSV Validation Engineer

This week, Jolan made time in his busy agenda to show us what a typical ‘Day in the QbD Life’ looks like for him. As you will see, Jolan is an expert when it comes to combining ‘getting things done’ with ‘joy’, two of our JPEG-values! Like what you read? Then make sure to send us your cv to join our amazing team.  

Hello! My name is Jolan Boogaerts. I’ve been working as a CSV validation engineer at GEA in Wommelgem since April 2017. I had a very enjoyable and interesting QbD day, which I’ll gladly share with you.

7h15: My alarm goes off, but I’m going to snooze until 7h30 . Then I get up, take a quick shower, get dressed, grab my lunch from the fridge and leave for work. The sun greets me, it’s going to be a beautiful day!

I have to make a detour, as the bridge (in the background on the picture) is currently under construction. Luckily, I don’t lose too much time!

jolan boogaerts leaving to work

8h15: I arrive at GEA. It’s my colleague’s birthday, and it looks like he has made plenty of different desserts (I couldn’t even fit them all in the picture!) to celebrate. I shouldn’t have brought lunch at all…

Almost 10h00: I perform some tests on the virtual machine on my laptop.

10h00: I have a meeting with the Project Manager to go through some customer feedback on a document. We manage to finish up quickly, so we have time left to discuss some other planning related subjects. Talk about getting things done!

12h00: Lunch time! The whole QbD team at GEA is present. Daan Claessens has gone the extra mile and has come up with the excellent idea to eat outside and enjoy the sun. We talk about weird stuff like the extinction of bananas and reducing CO2 through synthesized leaves… How did we get to that topic again?

In the afternoon, I perform some tests on the Consigma-25 for a client in Italy. It’s an impressive piece of machinery with powder dosers, mixers and even a tablet press. We use Lactose to run through the equipment.

18h15: Time to leave for Berchem for a game of padel with our QBD team. We’ve been looking forward to this event for weeks! We’ve been training together for it, so it’s time to show off our skills . After we arrive, Yves is checking to make sure there are enough rackets and at 19h00, the game starts! It’s so much fun.

20h45: After the padel game, we sit down for a drink together. Lots of Joy at our table . Good times!