Consultancy can also add huge value to your senior career

Three QbD seniors talk about their choice

It is a stubborn cliché: “A consultancy firm is a perfect place to learn the ropes and then move on to the business side.” Like so many clichés, it is a mix of truth and nonsense. Quality by Design (QbD) is not only the place to be for a great career start; it is the place to be for a great career, full stop. Even if you have a lot of experience, we offer a wide range of opportunities in many areas. Kathy (52), Gina (53) and Claudine (54) are pleased to talk about how they continued to find great joy in their jobs as senior consultants at QbD.

Although together, all three of them have over 75 years of experience in quality and project management, Kathy, Gina and Claudine have each taken very different paths. Gina mainly earned her stripes in life sciences, while Kathy and Claudine both came from hugely different sectors: the automotive and petrochemical industries. “My first job with my previous employer was all about implementation. I implemented all kinds of ISO quality systems, for example. Then I moved on to a management position,” Kathy Van Neyghem says. “I became increasingly less happy in that last role, and I had stopped learning new things. I became more and more interested in a blind spot in my expertise – GMP – and I moved to QbD. After a conversation with Bart, the CEO, we were both very enthusiastic. He didn’t focus on my lack of experience in the sector like so many others had. Instead, he was clearly looking at my potential.”

Share knowledge and continue to learn yourself

Over the past five years, Kathy has handled projects with various QbD clients, and has never regretted joining QbD: “This combination of job variety and job security is a massive advantage. I am also sufficiently pushed out of my comfort zone, while many of my peers elsewhere are getting stuck in a rut. Like Claudine and Gina, I have a wealth of experience that I can put to full use here to help both my clients and my colleagues.”

That much job variety and stability is only possible in consultancy. QbD will also match any new challenges with your experience as much as possible and will closely guide you through your transition.

Claudine De Belder, Senior Pharmaceutical consultant at QbD

“I have exactly the same experience,” Gina Mommaerts adds. “QbD is a young company that employs a lot of young people, but it is also a real knowledge company. We have an important role to pass on that knowledge to young people. At the same time we are also right where the action is in our own client projects. I have worked for two large QbD clients in two very different domains. My current assignment in particular was way out of my comfort zone, but I couldn’t wait to tackle it, and QbD believed in me. The client trusted QbD’s judgement, and knows that I can call on specialist colleagues and documentation when I need to. Without all that support, I would never have been able to complete this assignment. It has taught me so much.”

A tight-knit group with vision

What were big steps for Gina and Kathy was nothing less than a giant leap of faith for Claudine De Belder. “I didn’t use to have a positive image of consultancy, so QbD really had to convince me. Fortunately they persevered, because it is so nice to be part of a tight-knit group that is led by a CEO who communicates clearly and passionately about his ambitious vision and strategy, which we call the #QbDream. I have been working here for a year and a half now. I know that when my current project ends, I will be able to pick up a new project with a new QbD client. You can only find this type of variety in such a stable working environment in consultancy. QbD will also match new challenges with your experience as much as possible, and will closely guide you through your transition. That is a huge advantage.”

“If I could give one piece of advice to my peers,” Kathy concludes, “it would be that if you still want to learn more in our industry or even join our industry, many doors on the client side will remain closed. They tend to go for people with exactly the right knowledge. QbD will give you that opportunity.”

#teamQbD has a healthy mix of young and experienced people, and is therefore regularly looking for senior consultants. If you are someone with a scientific background who is looking for a challenge in pharmaceuticals, biotech, healthcare, medical devices or cosmetics, join our team of all-rounders, pioneers, the quick-witted, knowledge and pleasure seekers. Experience in the above sectors is an asset, but – as Kathy and Claudine will tell you – certainly not a must.