Going the extra mile for new talent

QbD Job Days – corona edition

If there’s one thing that makes QbD the thriving company it is today, it’s our people. And even during this corona crisis, we simply cannot keep our doors closed for the new talent that’s out there. So when we heard a few months ago that group events – like the QbD Job Days we had planned – weren’t going to take place any time soon, we refused to throw in the towel. Talent doesn’t wait, so we just went the extra mile to find it.

Virtual open doors

The lockdown has severely limited young graduates’ options to find the right job. But not for the ones that came knocking at our door! Last month, we met the candidates we had connected with earlier through job fairs, LinkedIn and our job site. And we did so by means of the very first ‘Microsoft Teams Edition’ of our QbD Job Days: four full days of videocalls with ten candidates a day. And with ten new QbD’ers as a result –more than in previous years.

One of our newest team members, Steve De Raedt, thought it was a great experience:

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to deviate from their usual hiring strategy. In contrast with other organisations, QbD quickly managed to flip the switch and organise a virtual edition of their Job Days. A simple solution on paper, but definitely not as easy as it might seem. I personally attach a lot of value to the atmosphere within a company – something that’s really hard to represent by means of a video call. QbD, however, approached this problem very carefully. They made sure I experienced their good vibes anyway, despite not actually being there. They made sure I experienced their good vibes anyway, despite not actually being there. And that’s why I didn’t hesitate to join the team when I heard the good news. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone in person!”

How we got things done

Our creative HR team set up a schedule that gave every candidate enough time to get to know our company and to show off their own QbD DNA – while also meeting the other candidates. This way of working barely had any disadvantages compared to our traditional approach. We started out with a half hour-presentation to introduce QbD, before passing on the (virtual) mic to the candidates. With the help of a special QbD template (yes, we gave them some homework beforehand 😉), they told us more about themselves by linking our corporate JPEG-values – Joy, Partnership, (Going the) Extra Mile and Getting Things Done – to their own personal stories. Our usual physical group activity didn’t take place – for obvious reasons – but that didn’t stop us from getting the job done. After some additional individual conversations with our HR team and a few more moments of careful consideration, we called ten people with good news that very same week!

Career kick-off

One of the obvious downsides of a virtual event is the inability to meet your new team face-to-face and to experience the vibe at our headquarters. But we’re making up for it this summer, with a traditional onboarding day at the HQ in Wilrijk and a training week (all the while respecting a safe distance of course) to properly kick off the new journey together.

That being said, QbD wouldn’t be QbD if we didn’t continuously look for creative solutions and go the extra mile – even when others are at a standstill. And our virtual Job Days – along with our continuous hiring process for both graduates as well as experienced candidates – are just one example of that value. So, if you’re interested in joining our dynamic team, don’t let difficult times stop you: check out our job offers at jobs.qbd.eu or send us your cv via jobs@qbd.eu!