Senior? 10 reasons to opt for a job in consultancy

Did you know that consultancy is so much more than just a springboard for young professionals? At #teamQbD in particular we are proud of our excellent mix of young enthusiasm and more experienced team members. Do you have experience in a scientific area? Then keep reading and discover ten good reasons to build a career in life sciences consultancy. Or rather, ten excellent reasons to do so at QbD. 

  1. Bring excitement back to your career 

Taking up a new challenge every so often in a familiar environment that offers job security? Nowhere better than in consultancy. What’s more, together we can find those projects that best suit your wishes, knowledge and experience. This way you can build a long-term career without ever getting bored. 

  1. A knowledge company truly values your experience… 

Consultancy = Knowledge + People. Your experience gives you both of these aspects – the full package and you feel the appreciation for what you bring to the job on all levels of the organisation. 

  1. …as you continue to build it 

Whatever your role, you’re always learning from specialists in a variety of areas, both through our countless knowledge sharing projects and on the job.  

  1. Responsibility without missing out on the action 

Feel free to take the ‘on the job’ part literally. We have no place here for classic team leaders who spend their days telling others how to do their jobs. Our customer portfolio puts you where the action is. 

  1. Always a challenge 

And that action is just far enough outside of your comfort zone so that you are ready for an even bigger challenge when your current project is finished. 

Being a member of #teamQbD opens doors to top-tier customers which would otherwise remain closed. 

  1. We always have your back 

Strayed just a tad too far outside of your comfort zone? In that case it’s #teamQbD to the rescue. And our customers know this. The combined knowledge of 275 colleagues opens doors to top projects for top-tier customers which would otherwise remain closed. 

  1. An open culture with short lines of communication  

Even to management. Is something bothering you? In spite of our strong growth in recent years you can always call on the person best placed to help you. 

  1. Work for the reference in the industry 

At QbD we don’t do false modesty: joining QbD means working in one of the most appealing sectors for the reference in Belgium – and gradually on an international level as well. And we remain ambitious: we share our #QbDream in which you also have your part to play. 

  1. No life sciences experience? No problem! 

A strong scientific background and an inquisitive mind will take you a long way at QbD. Any gaps in your knowledge are easily remedied. 

  1. You’ll enjoy yourself 

Meanwhile it’s probably obvious we are all-rounders, trailblazers, improvisers and gluttons for knowledge. But we are also roisterers. Events, sports competitions, boot camp on Monday afternoon, our annual QbD Weekend, … it’s all part of the package. Click here to find out what QbD has to offer as an employer.