Working for Quality by Design? Our QbD Ambassadors are happy to give you a taste!

Today: Jens Vandormael

At QbD we don’t just go the extra mile for our customers; we also strive to be an excellent partner for our own QbD family. And we do this in a variety of creative ways! In the blog below our colleague Jens Vandormael tells you all about the QbD Ambassador programme – he and several other QbD’ers volunteer to introduce the public to our warm and fun atmosphere and spread the QbD message far and wide.

Jens Vandormael

Three years with gusto

Upon graduating Jens Vandormael executed the perfect landing at QbD and three years later he is still a member of our family. More even, in addition to his role as Validation Engineer at one of our customers, he has also sunk his teeth in our brand-new QbD Ambassador initiative this year. Our Ambassadors accompany us to job fairs, customer events, etc. and they are happy to act as guinea pigs for such things as our career paths presentation, which is subsequently rolled out across the entire organisation.

After three years I’m still stoked to leave for work in the morning. Not just because I love my job but also because I’m just so proud to call QbD my employer. It may sound like a cliché but that family feeling companies like to talk about actually exists at QbD”, says Jens. “When I heard that QbD’ers had the opportunity to promote our company to potential future employees I jumped at the opportunity.

Noticeable evolution

QbD Ambassadors back the company vision, mission and values 100% and their personal mission is to spread that feeling. “And that is exactly why I volunteered”, says Jens. “I was promoting QbD on my own time anyway. I remember a while ago I convinced a former classmate to apply at QbD. And he got the job! It was an extremely satisfying experience.

Covid-19 may have reshuffled our event calendar in recent months but we never stopped trying to convince and motivate people. The fact that we are still successful is not just due to the enthusiasm of our Ambassadors but also to the fact that QbD is gaining visibility as an organisation. Jens confirms: “Three years ago I’d never heard of QbD so I couldn’t fall back on their reputation as an employer. Today, thanks to our tremendous growth, we are very much talked about. At job fairs students tell me they’ve heard QbD is a wonderful employer – and I couldn’t agree more.

Together we’re strong

With the lockdown period behind us, we are kicking into high gear again to continue to expand our family. And since we change up our Ambassador team every year, anyone who’s interested can take up a role as Ambassador.

Curious to find out what it feels like to be part of our close-knit team and subsequently – who knows – even become an Ambassador yourself? Don’t hesitate and forward your CV to!