Why work for QbD? 

Consultants in life sciences. That tells you what we do but not why we’re so good at it or what our objectives are. To understand that, you need to get to know us a little better first. This is who we really are. Put differently: five reasons to choose QbD. 



Quality management, validation & qualification, project management & support, regulatory affairs. We are good at everything. We join forces with household names as well as up-and-coming players across the life sciences spectrum. In pharma, biotech, healthcare, medical devices and cosmetics. Today we boast 200 staff worldwide and soon there will be 500 – that’s including you.  



In medical devices and ATMPs. In addition, we are based in a country that has cornered 23% of the european biotech market. This has enabled us to team up with ISPE, flanders.bio, BioWin, Essencia and HollandBIO and establish ecosystems with PILS and Antleron. Together we strive for an even bigger impact on a better world.


Hungry for knowledge

Individuals don’t own knowledge; it belongs to us and to all of you. This would make the perfect T-shirt slogan for our knowledge manager Yves. We have competence centres, think tanks and there is also our QbD University. We write white papers and organise guest lectures at universities. We offer training courses and educational programmes even our competitors are eager to attend.



We are probably the largest privately owned consultancy agency in the life sciences industry in the country. That’s a lot sexier than it sounds because it means we make our own decisions, from A to Z – and quickly too. For instance, we reinvest our profits in QbD and its staff. Or in cell therapy, or partners who, like us, go for impact.



Keeping promises, rolling up our sleeves, reaching goals, celebrating successes, … even making limoncello. We don’t do everything together but a lot, and we always aim for job satisfaction, both as partners to our clients and as friends/colleagues who go the extra mile, literally and figuratively.

“The values that QbD embodies represent the ideal mix of work and pleasure. This combination is necessary to keep delivering high-quality work, even in times when the workload is high and results are not always immediately visible.”

– Frederick Tison, pharmaceutical consultant at QbD

Frederick Tison