Welcome young graduates!

Fresh out of school? Raring to go? Then opt for the QbD Academy Model. A combination of working, learning and intensive training.
The ideal start to your career in pharma, biotech, healthcare, cosmetics or medical devices. 

Immediate impact 

As far as the actual work is concerned we like to throw our newbies in the deep end. For twelve months you get to sink your teeth in specific projects. The real deal, no trial runs. Never fear, though, our experienced QbD consultants will be swimming along right beside you as they teach you the necessary skills and introduce you to the relevant methodologies in quality management, validation & qualification, project management & support or regulatory affairs

Who are we looking for? 

That depends on the client and your areas of interest but if your resume contains a number of the following key words, chances are we’ve got the perfect match for you: PhD, industrial, civil, bioengineer, industrial pharmaceuticals, biomedical sciences, biotechnology, biochemistry, chemistry, master in science, … 

Personal development 

Our insatiable hunger for knowledge helps our staff grow beyond all expectations. There’s no substitute for experience so working on actual projects for clients is the best possible teacher. You are also taught the basics of life sciences consultancy. And to top it all off, you enroll in a specialist training programme taught by experienced QbD consultants, face to face or via video.

“I joined QbD in 2017 right out of school. The Academy Model allowed me to learn on the job and I quickly grew in my role. Today I’m a highly skilled consultant and it’s my turn to take new graduates under my wings. And before I forget: the past two years have been an absolute blast!” 

– Jens Vandormael, pharmaceutical consultant bij QbD

Jens Vandormael